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Car Loans

Financing with you in mind.

We provide you with flexible solutions. Low rates, payments, and terms. Our financing managers work directly with you for a plan that suits your needs.



Apply for the amount you need for your budget and the car you want. We serve dealerships across Ontario with financing solutions.

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Simplicity at its core.

When you apply for a car loan through Merritt Financial, we assign an underwriter to work directly with you through the process. No confusion or stress for you.


Our drive for excellence

When many think of car loans, they may have negative opinions on some of the standards and malpractices some financing institutions hold. At Merritt Financial, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and transparency. No hidden fees, high security of your personal information, and honesty. All of our financing staff are OMVIC licensed and up to verse on current automotive laws and ethics.

*Merritt Financial can provide a 100% approval guarantee to those who fulfill the following conditions. The Client: 1. Has a valid driver’s license. 2. Can provide insurance for the vehicle. 3. Has an income of at least $1600 CAD a month. 4. Has a satisfactory evaluation of their current financial responsibilities.