Dealership Financing.

We can close more of your sales.

Merritt Financial can provide unique dealership financing solutions for your customers. Accompanied by extensive knowledge in the automotive sector, we have developed a dealer friendly process in underwriting automotive leases and loans.

Our connections in the industry make it easy for a client with almost any credit score or financial history to qualify. We understand the difficulty of completing sales and approving every customer. This is why we have developed a simple to fill out application form. Contact us today for more information on how we can work together.


Attract new clients.

Your dealership can directly attract new customers by offering financing solutions with your inventory. This removes a potentially deal breaking step for the consumer having to complete the financing process themselves. Working with Merritt Financial makes the process of financing a vehicle from your dealership seamless.

Stay competitive.

The majority of dealerships provide seamless financing solutions for their clients. Merritt Financial can provide industry leading rates and payment plans to keep you competitive with other dealerships.


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