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Services for consumers

Merritt financial has access to a vast array of financial products and services, in order for you to accomplish your financial and credit goals.
We have established long lasting relationships with lenders, including major banks, credit unions, trust companies and private funds. Our team of licensed professionals can guide you in finding the right customized solution for your unique needs and credit standing.

Mortgages (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

We believe our clients should have straight forward, knowledgeable and sensible mortgage advice. We are proud members of The Canadian Association of Accredited mortgage professionals, and our Principal Broker has achieved AMP status, which is Canada’s only national proficiency standard in the mortgage industry.

As a boutique style mortgage brokerage, we have direct access and communication to the lenders at best available market rates, and often times with your own bank. Best of all, we negotiate on your behalf.

We can assist in obtaining mortgages for:

  • First time home buyers
  • Renewals and transfers
  • Purchase plus improvements
  • Refinancing options
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Vacation and second homes
  • Investment properties
  • Business for self
  • Commercial Mortgages
On second and third mortgages, we can access your home equity up to 90% of your home’s appraised value, and in some instances up to 95% of your home’s value.(some conditions apply) Please contact us for more information.

Auto Loan

We are adept at financing cars, trucks, recreation vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers, motor homes, ATVs and marine vehicles.

All senior associates at Merritt Financial have successfully graduated from the Automotive Business School of Canada program, are versed and up-to-date in current automotive law and ethics. We finance up to 11 model years and we will review almost any credit situation. You will obtain the rate your credit profile merits.

We also provide pre-approvals. It is a fantastic idea to have your loan pre-approved prior to visiting a dealership to purchase a vehicle; it is like having cash at hand. This provides you with a clear advantage and allows you better negotiating power. You know your term, rate and payment ahead of time.

Rates start at:

  • 3.99% to 9.9% fixed- Excellent credit clients
  • 10.9 % to 20.9% fixed- Near prime credit clients
  • 20.9% to 29.9% fixed-Subprime clients

Personal Loans

We offer unsecured loans up to $3,000 for any purpose, paint your home, vacation, car repair.
Some conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Title Loans

If you own a vehicle 10 model years or newer and is lien free, we can offer a title loan up to 50% of the black book value of the car.
Some conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Personal Line of Credit (Secured & Unsecured)

For qualified consumers with excellent credit record, we are able to obtain unsecured lines of credit or secured lines of credit up to 85% of your home’s value.
Please contact us for more information.

Personal Finance and Billings Review

Merritt Financial offers personal finance and billings review. We assess and evaluate your current existing bills and assist you in finding solutions in reducing these bills.
Contact us to schedule an appointment.