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Automotive financing

Merritt Financial can provide unique financing options for your customers. Accompanied by extensive experience in the automotive sector, we have developed in-depth knowledge in underwriting automotive leases and loans. In fact, every senior associate at Merritt financial has successfully graduated from the Automotive Business School of Canada and is versed in automotive law and ethics.

We understand the challenges of completing the sale and the obstacles of trying to approve every customer. That is why we have developed a dealer friendly process. Simply download our credit application and have your client complete and sign. Upload or fax, along with your retail bill of sale.

We pride ourselves in offering:

  • A dedicated underwriter assigned to work with you.
  • Fast response time, we can usually provide an answer within 3 hours.
  • Two to three day funding in most cases.
  • Easy online application process.

Client category we serve:

  • Excellent credit.
  • New credit.
  • Zero down payment.
  • Past credit issues, with traditional proof of income (paystubs, noas, etc).
  • Customers that can provide proof of income, but not in the traditional way, bank statements, T4s, invoice summary, business income, self employed, etc.
  • We have access to equity financing, for those customers with a substantial down payment but without traditional proof of income.

Rates start at:

  • 3.99% to 9.9% fixed- Excellent credit clients
  • 10.9 % to 20.9% fixed- Near prime credit clients.
  • 20.9% to 29.9% fixed-Subprime clients.
Some conditions apply. Contact us for more details.

Business office Consulting

The non prime sector is worth approximately $3.7 billion dollars per year and is one of the fastest growing segments, representing over one third of all car buyers.

Are you fully capturing your share of this lucrative market?

Merritt Financial offers a two day assessment consultation. Whereby, we overview your current business office practice and provide feedback and suggestions to improve your ROI and increase overall per car profit average.

As industry leaders, we have developed methods and proven processes to understand the prime, near prime and non prime markets.

We would love to share these trade secrets with you! Contact Merritt Financial

Online marketing, adverstising and branding

Merritt Financial has created powerful joint ventures with the automotive retailer in mind. Generating robust online presence specific to the automotive industry, we can assist any sized dealership in maximizing profit and drive in more traffic to your business through our online marketing initiative.

We offer consulting in:

  • Online adverstising.
  • Mobile adverstising.
  • Social media management.
  • Video spokeperson.
  • Goodwill reputation marketing.
  • Call tracking.
  • CRM training.